That Was Close!!

Not mine but it looked very similar to this when I walked in the door.

So I receive a call from SWMBO about 2 hours ago. The beers were fermenting VERY aggressively and already filling the airlocks. I ran back to the brewery just in time for both to start flowing out of the airlocks and down the sides of the carboys. A loud whistling sound could be heard upon walking in the front door. So I grabbed a tube and a different cork. After repeatedly wiping away the krausen pouring out of the airlock I started to take the cork out slowly to release the pressure. Instead, the cork shoots to the ceiling followed by a few ounces of brew. I got the other cork in and ran the tube into a jug of water. This was the Strong Belgian Jenny.

Next was the Stout. Same sequence of events except that this brew sprayed on the wall and not the ceiling. Both are now taken care of, maybe. After a quick clean up I was out the door. This is the most intense fermentation we have ever seen with our brews. That's great news! Even more excited than we were yesterday. CHEERS!!

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