Next Project

So when we brewed our last batch (Atomically Red Irish Ale) we realized something. 10 gallon batches are awfully hard to lift and move around as needed. With this in mind we decided that we needed a brew stand of some kind. Since my welding skills are lacking, doing the 3 tiered gravity fed system is pretty much out of the question. So what we will be going for is just a nice portable wooden structure.

This project has not begun but will be done before the next batch is brewed. Pictures will be taken along the way and posted. I hope I have all 10 fingers when this thing is done. We shall see.

On the brew front, the Late to the Party Pumkin Porter is finally carbonated!!  It turned out pretty good. My only issue with it is that it seems to be lacking in body. A few more samples and I will be able to pinpoint what I do and don't like about it. The German Altbier is carbing up nicely. Very unique taste. I'm a big fan of it so far. We will be bottling the award winning Atomically Red Irish Ale in the next week. This batch is even better than the last time we brewed it. Very excited to have this bottled up.

Stay tuned friends. CHEERS!!