Mule of the Week: Dogfish Head

Faithfull Ale

We had been picking a specific brewery for each month and then picking one of their brews every Thursday to write about. We have come to realize that it's much easier to just pick a different brew every week from different breweries. So that is what we will be doing from now on. Also, please forgive the absence. Between the holidays and the 3 weeks of sick kids, there was a far greater lapse in postings than had been anticipated.

This week we have chosen to write about one of the more interesting brews we have tried in some time. Faithfull Ale was brewed in celebration of the 20th anniversary of the release of the album "Ten". Being a big Pearl Jam fan, the second I heard about the possibility of this brew being created I was excited. The folks at Dogfish Head call it a fruit forward Belgian-style Golden Ale. I can't think of a better way to describe it. It's certainly complex but has that very refreshing Ale feel to it. It's not the type of beer that's going to leave you full after just one. But this is not at all similar to one of those watered down creations from the thugs at AB or Miller-Coors. Faithfull Ale has an incredible taste to it. It's brewed with black currants which I don't believe I had ever had before. If you are looking for something a little different but still want to know you're drinking a real beer, pick this up.

This is the 3rd Dogfish creation in their Music Series. The Miles Davis-inspired Bitches Brew (Very good) and the Robert Johnson inspired Hellhound On My Ale (yet to try) were the first two. Dogfish Head is always pushing the envelope of brewing. As I have stated before, their beers are the reason for me getting into the world of brewing myself. They never fail to impress. Faitfull Ale is yet another example of an edgy but delcious creating from Sam and the staff at DFH.