Busy Day at the Brewery

The brew day started at 8am yesterday with cleaning and prep of all the equipment. We usually do this the night before but other obligations would not allow. So we started at 8 and finished cleaning and putting everything away at 7. That's with a dinner thrown in as well. So not too bad. Both brews were without any major incidents. I did however run out of propane right before the boil on the 2nd brew. A quick run to the store and 15 minutes later we were back up and running. The end product was the Double Chocolate Brad and the Strong Belgian Jenny.

Original gravities for both were right where they should be. We used a liquid starter for the Belgian due to the high abv. It should come out between 8 and 8.5%. The Stout should come in at a high 6%. This brew day has re enforced our need for a brew rig. My back is feeling the effects of lifting a keg with 9 to 10 gallons of water and 20lbs of grains. Thank goodness I'm in such great shape. <-- Hear the sarcasm?

The Strong Belgian Jenny started a vigorous fermentation within an hour of pitching the starter and the Stout was going strong as well after about 6 hours. They look delicious. We cant wait to see how these turn out.

If anyone ever has any questions about anything on the blog or brewing please feel free to email me at jimmysharp@Hotmail.com. CHEERS!!

Side by side.

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