So I thought we had narrowly avoided a major beer blowout earlier today. Well it turns out that may have only been round 1. Yes yes, when I returned this evening I found Stout all over the ceiling, wall, pictures, mirrors and just about everything else. Seems the airlock blew out and the beer followed right behind. It was not a stream of beer but instead drops everywhere. Comes off the walls easy enough but not the ceiling. I replaced the airlock with another on the stout and it immediately filled up with krausen and started to runith over with beer. Fermentation should be subsiding overnight. I will give it a few more checks and wipe downs before bed.

I managed to avoid a disaster with the Belgian, so far. The blow off tube is doing its thing and funneling all the overflow into a gallon jug of water. The bubbles are none stop. Looks like an aquarium. Both brews have been moved to the extra room just in case.These brews are going to be fandamntastic. CHEERS!!

Spots around the thermostat 6 ft away
The rug where it was sitting
This is roughly 30 sq ft of ceiling
This is what the new airlock looked like less than a minute after putting it on.

There are spots on the ceiling some 10 ft away from where this thing was sitting. I've had to release pressure several times this evening and will do so once more before bed. Along with the bubbling there is a loud hissing sound coming from the CO2 escaping through the airlock. I've never seen fermentation like this.