Return of the Irish

So yesterday was the first time we at Atomic Donkey got to use our new keggle. There were some hiccups along the way but all in all things went well. Thank you to Matt for stopping by. There was a lot of heavy lifting that would have no doubt resulted in major burns had it not been for Matt. Thank you my friend. The next step is building a nice tiered system to help with this issue.

The brewing went well. I tweaked the Irish Red recipe just a bit. Should be a little less hoppy and a little more malty. Nice rhyming skills huh? So there are now 10 gallons bubbling away and smelling delicious. So total we have 15 gallons of brew (altbier and Red) that should be done in a month or so. And the Pumkin Porter is taking its sweet time carbonating. Its getting closer every day but still taking too long for my liking. So, thanks again for voting everyone. This was fun from beginning to end. CHEERS!

The tinfoil was to keep some of the heat off of the thermometer and spigot.

Num num indeed. Bubbling away this morning.