Mule of the Month: Southern Tier

Southern Tier Mokah

Due to an illness this post was delayed by a day. We apologize for this. Staff is feeling much better now. So here you go.

This week we will take a look at one of the best American Double/Imperial Stouts I have ever had. Southern Tier's Mokah. Upon pouring you immediately notice its deep black color. There is initial a small amount of brown head. It retains a tiny amount of this throughout. You can smell a bit of coffee but the most predominate smell is the chocolate.

The taste you notice first is chocolate mixed with some coffee and oatmeal. definitely can tell the ABV is high in this (Around 11%). But the alcohol taste is not too noticeable. Its an intense brew from beginning to end but the chocolate adds a nice smoothness to it. Its a sweet beer. Even sweet by stout standards. Its not a beer you are going to have too many of in one sitting. But having just one will make you a happy camper. It will put a smile on your face, due to both the taste and alcohol content.