Mule of the Month: Southern Tier

Southern Tier IPA

I'm sure by now you have all guessed that I'm a big fan of Southern Tier. This week I decided to do a write up on a more readily available brew of theirs. The IPA is a delicious brew. While not as strong as the Dogfish head 90 min, they taste somewhat similar to me. There is a definite citrus/malty taste to this brew. The hops start and finish strong. It pours a deep amber color with moderate to low head. Its a very nicely balanced IPA.

Southern Tiers IPA is a very easy drinking American IPA that would be favored by those who like their citrus and floral hops and don't mind a touch of malt. If you are lucky enough to live somewhere that sells Southern Tier, this brew would be a great place to start. Then you can work your way up to the 2X IPA.