Altbier is altbottled

On my recent day off I finally got around to bottling the winner of the most recent Atomic Donkey Brew Poll. The German Altbier. Things went pretty smoothly aside from the two bottles I knocked over. This will be one of the last batches we ever completely bottle. Atomic Donkey Brewing hopes to move to kegging after the 10 gallon batch of Atomically Red Irish Ale goes into bottles. We will continue to bottle enough to give away to friends and customers.

The Alt took about 2 hours from beginning of the process to the end. Future 10 to 15 gallon batches are going to turn into an all night project unless we move to kegs. Anyways, this batch tastes great. Its sitting in the outside fridge at a cozy 50 degrees and should be ready in about 4 weeks.

On a different note, the Late to the Party Pumkin Porter is finally showing signs of carbonation. Its going to end up being 8 weeks from bottling to ready to drink. A true test of patience which we have been somewhat successful at.

We at Atomic Donkey Brewing wish you and yours some Happy Holidays, whichever you might celebrate. CHEERS!!