Progress and Updates

The site glass and thermometer for the soon to be fully converted keggle have just been ordered. Went to Really good prices and great customer service. All around great site. In 4 or 5 days it will arrive and by then I will have the spigot as well. Getting

Atomic Donkey's Lecker Altbier was transferred to cold storage last night. It will chill at 42 to 43 degrees for the next 5 weeks. The gravity reading was right on target as usual. The sample tasted great. The balance between maltiness and bitterness was perfect. This is going to be one fine beer.

The new Atomic Donkey website is in the works. We are narrowing down the possibilities every day. Want to make sure we get the most bang for our buck. Things are moving quickly here at Atomic Donkey and the future is looking very bright. CHEERS!!

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