Atomic Update

Since the last post we at Atomic Donkey have had a very special visit from some dear friends and heroes of mine. Two of the bravest people I know and am honored to call friends.. While they were up visiting the brewery we managed to make it to Evolution Brewery in Delmar, De and Dogfish Brew Pub in Rehoboth Beach, De. We sampled many great brews and had some great food as well. Most importantly my family and I got to spend some time with some of the best people we have ever known.

While they were here we managed to make some amazing ribs and brewed the winning batch of beer from the Atomic Donkey poll that was posted 2 weeks ago. The winner was the German Altbier now known as Atomic Donkeys Lecker Altbier. The brew went off without a hitch. And it really helped to have some folks around assisting. Took 3 hours from beginning to end for a 5 gallon batch of all grain. Not bad at all. My only oversight was not having a hydrometer to measure my OG. No worries though. I will get the final gravity.
And I have enough confidence to know that it’s going to come out just like it should. This will be one of the test batches, along with the Late to the Party Pumkin Porter, for a friend’s special event coming up sometime soon.

The keg conversion is dragging along. All I need are two 7/8 inch holes in either side of the keg. This will be happening this weekend. I will also be purchasing my weld less spigot and ordering my sight glass. I can feel the excitement in the air. Cant you? Good and exciting times are just around the corner friends and fellow Atomic Donkey drinkers. CHEERS to every one of you!! And thank you again Steve and Ryan for the help and coming all the way up to see us. Love you brothers.

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