Sample Night!

Tonight the Atomic Donkey staff will be pulling a 4 oz sample from the Atomic Donkey Pumkin Porter and seeing how close we are to bottling time. This will be the last sample of beer from a 5 gallon batch we ever do. Because the next batch I do will be at least 10 gallons. I will have the keg cut and converted by this time next week. Also, another keg is on its way to the brewery increasing our brewing capacity to a whopping 30 gallons. I see great things on the horizon.

The next Atomic Donkey brewing session will consist of a Lager, Stout and one yet to be determined brew. The Stout will be the very popular Atomic Donkey Milk Stout. This is being brewed as a gift to a freind of Atomic Donkey and his expecting wife.

Things are moving quickly here at Atomic Donkey and I am loving every second of it. The goal is to be featured at the Good Beer Festival next year. In order to do this I need to be working with a distributor. So needless to say I and the Atomic Donkey staff have a long ways to go and a short time period in which to do it. But our passion for great beer will keep us going. We will update everyone tonight on the status of the Pumkin Porter. Things are exciting and the future is looking awfully bright.. Take care everyone and CHEERS from Atomic Donkey Brewing...

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