Late to the Party Pumkin Porter

So time is flying by and next thing you know, its fall. Perfect time of year for a nice seasonal brew. The Atomic Donkey staff decided that a nice Pumpkin Porter would be the perfect brew to ease the transition to the cold winter season. Due to our tardiness with this brew it has been appropriately named Late to the Party Pumkin Porter

For this brew I decided to go a bit malty. I don't want to drown out the Pumpkin taste completely but I was going for subtle. I ended up using close to 45 ozs of Pumpkin Puree. 15oz during the mash stage and then another 30oz during the boil. I also used a mix of nutmeg, ground cinnamon, cinnamon sticks, cloves, all spice, and ginger. Threw a little bit of something else in there but I'm going to keep that one to myself till I see how the brew turns out.

No major issues during the cooking. A bit more of a boil over than normal but it smelled great as it was burning off. Gravity came out at 1.06. Being as I created this recipe I'm not sure what the target was but this reading fits into the range of a porter. The fermentation started quickly with this one and has grown into a frothy delicious smelling foam. The temp got a bit high, as you can see in one of the pictures, so I had to move it this morning to the outside fridge. I don't think it was high for long. Shouldn't get any off flavors out of it.

On another note, the Donkey Milk Stouts and Jackass IPA's are just about gone. They both turned out great. Especially the stout. The Jackass was not quite hoppy enough for myself and some hophead friends of mine, but other folks find it much more drinkable than something I would prefer. Hope everyone is doing great as we approach the cold winter season. Or as I like to call it, the Brewing Season. Take care of yourselves and everyone else. CHEERS!!

Some of the ingredients

No time to cook down the pumpkin myself. Thank you Libby..

Right after I transferred to the carboy. Yeast had not started feasting yet.

This was taken about 8 hours after the previous picture. Yeast are going to town. Notice the high temp reading. Moved to the outside fridge to bring it down to around 68.


  1. cool idea, you probably wont see any haze from adding to the punpkin to the boil if its a porter, make sure to show us tasting notes when its done :)