Back Baby!!

So after a long break from brewing its time to jump back in full speed. This Saturday I will be making a trip up to Extreme Brewing in Millsboro to pick up what I need to make my first Pumpkin Ale. That's right. Atomic Donkey will be producing our first Pumpkin Ale to date. Haven't locked down my recipe yet but I will have it all done by Friday. Can't wait to get this one under my belt. My inspiration is the Southern Tier Pumking Ale I had a few weeks ago when my Carolina family was up. If you haven't tried this brew do yourself a favor and seek it out. Incredible brew!! In fact, Southern Tier is my new favorite brewery. Haven't had a thing from them yet that I wouldn't describe as great. (

Anyways, I will be updating again before Saturday and letting everyone know the brew day. Hope everyone is doing well. Take care of yourselves and others. CHEERS!!

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