Taste updates and more...

I forgot to mention in the previous post that the Milk Stout turned out great. Not much carbonation but with a stout that's what you want. The Jackass IPA could use some more hops. So I have made a note and the next one will be the hoppiest beer this side of the 120min IPA.

I mentioned briefly that some of my Carolina family had graced us with a visit. We had a great time. A house full of friends. That's how it should be. We paid a visit to Dogfish Head Brew Pub and some of us made a visit to the Crooked Oak Brewery as well. Both places were flowing with great beer which we all happily drank down. Cant wait to pay a visit to our friends places next time. And of course they are welcome at our home anytime.

The Good Beer Festival is right around the corner (Oct 8-9). I'm looking forward to sampling a large number of the brews that will be on hand. Atomic Donkey will have a sampling booth within the next two years or so. This trip to the festival is purely for research. Yes, research. If anyone is interested in maybe attending from out of town, you have a place to stay. Its a very short ride from the house to the festival. You all know you want to attend. http://www.goodbeerfestival.org/

Speak to you all soon. CHEERS!!

Back Baby!!

So after a long break from brewing its time to jump back in full speed. This Saturday I will be making a trip up to Extreme Brewing in Millsboro to pick up what I need to make my first Pumpkin Ale. That's right. Atomic Donkey will be producing our first Pumpkin Ale to date. Haven't locked down my recipe yet but I will have it all done by Friday. Can't wait to get this one under my belt. My inspiration is the Southern Tier Pumking Ale I had a few weeks ago when my Carolina family was up. If you haven't tried this brew do yourself a favor and seek it out. Incredible brew!! In fact, Southern Tier is my new favorite brewery. Haven't had a thing from them yet that I wouldn't describe as great. (http://southerntierbrewing.com/index1.html)

Anyways, I will be updating again before Saturday and letting everyone know the brew day. Hope everyone is doing well. Take care of yourselves and others. CHEERS!!