Jackass IPA Redux

So I spent a good portion of the day on Saturday whipping up the latest Atomic Donkey creation. In a few short weeks the world will know the greatness that is the Jackass IPA. Well, people can drink it anyways. Had my good friend from Crooked Oak Brewery over to help assist and share a few good brews. Things went very well. No apparent screw ups to speak of at this point. But only time will tell. The fermentation on this batch has been incredible. I used a blow off tube instead of just an airlock. Something told me this was a good idea. And I'm glad I did because I would have a huge mess to clean up if I hadn't. I'm going to try to put up a short video clip i made with the camera showing the activity. I recorded it sideways on accident. Hey, it happens. So just turn your head and take a look. My gravity came out a little higher than I had expected which put my efficiency at around 80%. Very happy with that. So I will keep you up to date on the Jackass IPA's progress.

My hops are still going crazy. We have actually had a good bit of rain recently and the hops have rewarded me with more and more cones. I'm picking on pretty much a weekly basis now. Used 2 ounces of my Cascades in the Jackass IPA and I will be using another 2 ounces to dry hop. The Milk Stout will go into bottle this weekend. Then it will have quite a while. Patience is key. I'm learning all about it.

Hope everyone is doing very well. Talk to you soon. CHEERS!!
IPA on right, Milk Stout left. You can see the blow off tube on the IPA is clear as is the water in the gallon jug. Take a look 2 pictures down to see what it looks like now.

The blow off tube is full as well as the gallon jug. if I hadn't had the blow off tube it would have been all over the refrigerator and probably the floor of the garage. These are some active yeast.

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