Donkey Milk Stout

So last night was a great night. The temperature outside was perfect. My Eagles were playing their first preseason game of the year AND i finally bottled Atomic Donkeys newest creation. The Donkey Milk Stout. This is by far going to be the best thing Atomic Donkey has put out so far. And they have put out some great ones.

It’s a nice dark color. You can smell some caramel and even a hint of smokiness. The taste even at this stage is great. Again, a slight caramel smokiness along with the lactose and add a hint of chocolate. The hops are very far in the background but still there. Abv came in at 5.3%. A little lower than my previous stout but right where I was hoping it would end up.

SWMBO floated the idea earlier this week of sanitizing one night and getting everything ready. Then bottle the next night. This was a fantastic idea. From beginning to end it took about 2 hours last night. Not bad at all. This will be my new approach to the bottling process from here on out.

So now the waiting game begins. It will be the end of September before the official release. There will be some taste testing done the first week of September by a group of experts making their way up to the brewery from North Carolina. Then it will be another few weeks. The Jackass IPA will be going into bottles within the next week. The next Atomic Donkey project will be a joint effort with the North Carolina folks I mentioned previously. Can’t wait to see what we come up with. Hope everyone is well. Take care of yourselves and each other.. CHEERS!!

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