Bottled up Jackass!

After a long day of an angry baby and a long evening of trying to keep my eyes open I finally made it around to bottling the Jackass IPA? The process started around 7 and ended at 11 when I put the bottles in the fridge. Everything went very well. The uncarbonated IPA tastes great. Better than I was hoping for. Great hoppiness but not too much. Still a little too hoppy for your average water (bud, coors, miller) drinker. The Cascade dry hopping added the perfect amount of hop flavor. Cant wait to get this one carbed and in a glass. Should be ready just in time for Labor Day weekend.

On that note, the Donkey Milk Stout is coming along perfectly. I opened one last night after only a week of carbonating and it was surprisingly almost done. It is a perfect balance of maltiness and subtle hoppiness. A definite chocolate and lactose flavor with just a touch of coffee after taste. I'm very very happy with the results.

Ive got a fridge full of homebrew and I'm ready for my long lost friends to arrive. Hope you all had a great weekend and are having a good start to the work week. Take care of each other. CHEERS!!

 Two friends side by side.
 Check out the carbonation in that Stout. Only one week!
I'm thirsty again..

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