Donkey Milk Stout

Hope everyone has been doing well throughout my long absence. The computer is still down for the count so I'm posting this from another. I just brewed up a Milk Stout this past weekend. It is a dark one. Almost black in color. Had an amazing smell and has already passed its peak of fermentation. It has a little over 2 weeks left in the fermenter and then its a long 3 months in the bottles for conditioning. Since I'm not a very patient person I am brewing an IPA this weekend. That will be ready for drinking much sooner.

Tomorrow at noon begins the Battle of the Brews at the Delaware State Fair. The forecast calls for a very nice 116 degree day. Looking very forward to that. Great drinking weather. There were over 230 entries. A huge number. Especially for a first year contest. I'm not expecting any miracles but it will be nice to see how these contests work and to get some feed back on my Irish Red. Plus there will be sampling of many other homebrewers concoctions and a number of local micro breweries on hand serving the best of their brews. Should be a great time. I will update everyone on the results. Take care and I will be back soon. CHEERS!

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