Battle of the Brews Recap

Well my first homebrew contest is in the books. And it was a huge success. I only had one entry (if only I hadn't drank all the Pilsner). I entered my Atomically Red Irish Ale. I placed second in my category. That's right. First contest ever and I took second place. To say I was pleased would be a gross under statement. I went into this expecting to just get valuable feed back from the judges. So now I will get that along with the pride of knowing I made a decent beer. :)  The only down side to the competition was the 116 degree heat. It was way too hot to maintain a buzz. The drive to the Delaware State Fair took about an hour and fifteen minutes. I stayed just long enough to get the results for my category (45mins) and then I left. Met some good people and drank some great micros from local breweries such as Dogfish Head, Fordham and the great Extreme Brewing (my homebrew supply store). So my next big step towards my dream career is getting a half barrel keg, cutting the top off, welding a spigot in the bottom and bumping up my brewing capacity to 10 gallons at a time. This will happen very soon.

Next up on the brew calender is the Jackass IPA. Looking at this weekend most likely. Perhaps sooner if I'm lucky. I hope everyone is doing well and having a great start to the week. Take care and I will post again soon. CHEERS!!!

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