R.I.P. Computer

So, the computer virus that I had been fighting finally won. The computer is completely useless. So I will be working to get it back up and running. When it gets going again I have a few recipes I'm working on. A Smoky IPA, another Pilsner of some sort and an Oatmeal Stout. I hope to be picking up a few empty half kegs to use as my tun and brew pot. That way I can up my capacity to 10 gallons at a time. I hope everyone is doing well. Battle of the Brews is less than a month away and the Irish Red is coming along just as I had hoped. Take care everyone. CHEERS!

Irish have transfered succesfully..

Everything is sanitized and ready to go.

An hour and a few homebrews later. What's left of the Pilsner on your left and the Irish on your right. Opened one last night (only been week) and it tastes great. Another 2 weeks and it will be ready to drink. Battle of the Brews here I come!! CHEERS!!

Hop Crazy!!

As you can see the hops have really taken off. Trying to keep them under control. I'm not kidding, less than 2 months ago these things were 3 feet tall.

F-ck You XP Security 2012!!

So my computer has picked up a nice little bug called XP Security 2012. I have been working for days to get it completely removed from the computer. So far, no luck. I am going to have to use another computer to put posts up. And more will be coming as soon as tomorrow (or tonight if I can get that damn thing off the computer). So, if anyone knows how to clear this thing out, PLEASE HELP!!

Next Up: Smoked IPA

I have a few days off this week to watch over the little one so I have been playing around a lot on Beersmith. After creating a recipe and tweaking it over and over again I think I have come up with something interesting. I'm going to do a very hoppy IPA with a subtle smokey characteristic. Two things I really enjoy in beer are a nice smooth smokey up front flavor and that nice dry hoppiness you get from an IPA. So I thought why not combine the two? I hope everyone is well. CHEERS!!