So after much consideration I have decided to go with a completely from scratch Red Ale recipe. I read a bit more about the Gotslandsdrika and its pretty unanimous that its not the best tasting thing ever. According to Beer Smith this Red Ale is going to be quite tasty. I'm going to throw in a little honey to change things up some and have gone with some non-traditional malts. Keep your fingers crossed.

So I just checked the gravity on the Pilsner and it appears to be at the finish line. I have the temp down to a cozy 41 now. I am going to drop it to 38 over the next 3 days and leave it till next weekend. I gave it a little taste test and must say I am beside myself with happiness. A bit dramatic I now. But sounds good. It really is the best thing I have made to date in my opinion. I'm so happy with it in fact that I will be entering it in the Battle of the Brews contest at the Delaware State Fair in July. Hope to come away with something but if not, no worries.

My hops have just about reached their maximum height of 20 ft. They can reach heights of 40 ft but my trellis only goes so high. its amazing what a little rain and 70 degree sunny days can do. Well, I'm off for now to formulate some future recipes and come up with my plan of attach for the Red Ale. Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. CHEERS!!

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