The Irish Migration

So I just transferred the Atomically Red Irish Ale to another carboy. Main reason I did this was just to clarify the beer a bit. I'm becoming a bit of a perfectionist I realize. This step was not necessary at all and the beer would have been just fine in the primary for another week or so. But, this is the way I like it. So its now back in the fridge at a nice 67 degrees. I and the SWMBO tried the sample i used for the gravity reading and I must say it’s good. Very good. And interesting. I certainly have not made anything similar to this one. This is my first from scratch recipe and I'm really excited to see where it is in another month.

So while I was in the process of transferring I of course needed a homebrew. So I cracked open one of the Pilsners. It’s about a week away from being fully carbonated. But the flavor is great and I dig the body. This will be the perfect summertime beer. Let’s just see if it makes it that long. :) Hope everyone is doing very well. Take care. CHEERS!!!

 All those dead yeast. Oh the humanity!!
The Red and Pilsner side by side once again.

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