Fishin and Beer

Well its officially Spring time. The weather couldn't be any better, the fishin is great, and the brewing is at full steam. I just wrapped up my first Pilsner. Nailed the target gravity. ABV is 5.2%. I had a taste or two of the unfinished product and it is great. Its going to be a great grass cutting beer. Not heavy at all but not lite on taste either. I have just a few pictures of the bottling.

Next up, hopefully this weekend, is a Red Ale. I'm currently reading a great book called Designing Great Beers. It is a treasure trove of great information on how to tweak recipes to get what you really want. This Red Ale will be an experiment. I'm confident that it will come out very well.

To update the hop status, all hops have reached the top of the trellis. Lots of pruning ahead of me this summer. Hope everyone is well. CHEERS!!

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