Atomically Red Irish Ale

So thanks to these tough economic times I was able to take a furlough day and put it to great use today. I woke up about normal time, took my son to daycare, came home and did some things around the house and at 10:30am I turned the burner on under 3 gallons of water. Thus began a very smooth All Grain brewing day.

No real hitches in the plan. The creation I and Beersmith came up with looks like its going to be great. Original Gravity came in at a high 1.059. Exactly what Beersmith said it would be. I got to use my home grown hops in this batch. Always nice to get to put a labor of love to use. Added .75lbs of honey to the batch for a little something different. Just enough to taste. Shouldn't dominate the flavor. In the middle of the 6 hour or so session I met another local brewer. It was fun to talk brew and music while whipping up this batch. I look forward to hanging out again and brewing some batches together. I'm really looking forward to seeing the legendary Crooked Oak Brewery in person.

I wrapped everything up around 3:30 or so. Came down about 1.5 hours from my last batch. Perfect. So the brew is now sitting in the nice cool guest room at a cozy 69 degrees. I've decided that this is the batch I am going to enter in the Battle of the Brews in July. Keep your fingers crossed. I hope everyone had as great a  hump day as I did. Got to hang out with the beautiful wife and little baby while brewing some great beer. Doesn't get much better. CHEERS!!

She is a nice dark red
 Hello Honey
 Homegrown Cascades doing their thing
Finished. 2-3 weeks and its time to bottle

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