The Irish Migration

So I just transferred the Atomically Red Irish Ale to another carboy. Main reason I did this was just to clarify the beer a bit. I'm becoming a bit of a perfectionist I realize. This step was not necessary at all and the beer would have been just fine in the primary for another week or so. But, this is the way I like it. So its now back in the fridge at a nice 67 degrees. I and the SWMBO tried the sample i used for the gravity reading and I must say it’s good. Very good. And interesting. I certainly have not made anything similar to this one. This is my first from scratch recipe and I'm really excited to see where it is in another month.

So while I was in the process of transferring I of course needed a homebrew. So I cracked open one of the Pilsners. It’s about a week away from being fully carbonated. But the flavor is great and I dig the body. This will be the perfect summertime beer. Let’s just see if it makes it that long. :) Hope everyone is doing very well. Take care. CHEERS!!!

 All those dead yeast. Oh the humanity!!
The Red and Pilsner side by side once again.

Transfer tonight!

So after a quick gravity check this evening to ensure that the yeast have consumed as much sugar as they are going to, I will be racking to the secondary. Fermentation should be complete so this step is just to clarify the brew. Get it to a nice clean looking red. I will be posting some pictures. Then it will be roughly 2 weeks in the secondary and 2-3 in the bottles. That would put me at around June 30th when I'm ready to open the first bottle. On that note, I will be cracking open a Pilsner tonight to see if they are ready yet. Battle of the Brews is getting close!!

Atomically Red Irish Ale

So thanks to these tough economic times I was able to take a furlough day and put it to great use today. I woke up about normal time, took my son to daycare, came home and did some things around the house and at 10:30am I turned the burner on under 3 gallons of water. Thus began a very smooth All Grain brewing day.

No real hitches in the plan. The creation I and Beersmith came up with looks like its going to be great. Original Gravity came in at a high 1.059. Exactly what Beersmith said it would be. I got to use my home grown hops in this batch. Always nice to get to put a labor of love to use. Added .75lbs of honey to the batch for a little something different. Just enough to taste. Shouldn't dominate the flavor. In the middle of the 6 hour or so session I met another local brewer. It was fun to talk brew and music while whipping up this batch. I look forward to hanging out again and brewing some batches together. I'm really looking forward to seeing the legendary Crooked Oak Brewery in person.

I wrapped everything up around 3:30 or so. Came down about 1.5 hours from my last batch. Perfect. So the brew is now sitting in the nice cool guest room at a cozy 69 degrees. I've decided that this is the batch I am going to enter in the Battle of the Brews in July. Keep your fingers crossed. I hope everyone had as great a  hump day as I did. Got to hang out with the beautiful wife and little baby while brewing some great beer. Doesn't get much better. CHEERS!!

She is a nice dark red
 Hello Honey
 Homegrown Cascades doing their thing
Finished. 2-3 weeks and its time to bottle

Hump Day = Brew Day

So I will be using one of those lovely furlough days tomorrow (Wednesday) to whip up another All grain Brew. Atomically Red Irish Ale. I will be posting pictures of the process as well as some pics of my hops. Those little guys are already budding. Going to be a very hoppy summer. Lots of IPA's coming.

I also wanted to take this opportunity to congratulate the town of Asheville, NC. It has once again been voted Beer City USA. A town that already has a lot going for it just got better. Here is a link to the story. Enjoy your hump day everyone, I know I will. CHEERS...

Fishin and Beer

Well its officially Spring time. The weather couldn't be any better, the fishin is great, and the brewing is at full steam. I just wrapped up my first Pilsner. Nailed the target gravity. ABV is 5.2%. I had a taste or two of the unfinished product and it is great. Its going to be a great grass cutting beer. Not heavy at all but not lite on taste either. I have just a few pictures of the bottling.

Next up, hopefully this weekend, is a Red Ale. I'm currently reading a great book called Designing Great Beers. It is a treasure trove of great information on how to tweak recipes to get what you really want. This Red Ale will be an experiment. I'm confident that it will come out very well.

To update the hop status, all hops have reached the top of the trellis. Lots of pruning ahead of me this summer. Hope everyone is well. CHEERS!!

Beer Thought of the Day

"Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach him how to fish, and he will sit in a boat and drink beer all day."  Anonymous


So after much consideration I have decided to go with a completely from scratch Red Ale recipe. I read a bit more about the Gotslandsdrika and its pretty unanimous that its not the best tasting thing ever. According to Beer Smith this Red Ale is going to be quite tasty. I'm going to throw in a little honey to change things up some and have gone with some non-traditional malts. Keep your fingers crossed.

So I just checked the gravity on the Pilsner and it appears to be at the finish line. I have the temp down to a cozy 41 now. I am going to drop it to 38 over the next 3 days and leave it till next weekend. I gave it a little taste test and must say I am beside myself with happiness. A bit dramatic I now. But sounds good. It really is the best thing I have made to date in my opinion. I'm so happy with it in fact that I will be entering it in the Battle of the Brews contest at the Delaware State Fair in July. Hope to come away with something but if not, no worries.

My hops have just about reached their maximum height of 20 ft. They can reach heights of 40 ft but my trellis only goes so high. its amazing what a little rain and 70 degree sunny days can do. Well, I'm off for now to formulate some future recipes and come up with my plan of attach for the Red Ale. Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. CHEERS!!

Work in Progress

As you may have noticed thigns are changing a lot. Im still very new to this blogging thing and Im trying to come up with an easy to read layout. Not happening yet. A few homebrews tonight and I think I might have it strait.


I have been spending a good amount of time with the guys from the soon to be open Tall Tales Brewing here on the lovely Eastern Shore of MD. They are some great and creative people. They have inspired me to take more risks and to go about things a little differently. So in that spirit I am going to brew up a batch of Gotlandsdrika this weekend.

“Gotlandsdrika is an ancient beverage, the original homebrew of Scandinavia. Its made with smoked barley malt, juniper branches, rye, wheat, and other fermentables. It comes from the island of Gotland in the Baltic Sea, hence its name.”

So this afternoon I will begin my hunt for some of the harder to find ingredients. I'm looking very forward to giving this a try. Pictures will accompany the brewing. Take care everyone. CHEERS!!