Pilsner Pain

 The early wort. Isn't it cute?
 Check out the foam insulation on the lid. Ha, great stuff though.
 Heads up. The water coming out of the chiller is about 200 degrees at first. Yeah, it hurts.
 All Hail Ale Pail..
 My work is done. Now it's their turn.
So there really wasnt much pain from the brewing itself. Its the fact that I just wrote this all but some how it didnt post and it was gone. User error for sure. Anyways, started my first All grain batch ever at 10am this morning and finished a little after 6 this evening. Little to no trouble. A boil over perhaps, but nothing lost. Its now sitting in the fridge at a cool but comfortable 54 degrees. Im going to drop the temp every day or so until it gets to around 39. The whole thing will take 45 days. It was a lot fun and I even nailed my original gravity reading. Im not getting cocky though. I put in some pics to show the good times. I will get more up on the event later.

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