So the Pilsner is resting comfortably at 44 degrees right now. Still has another 27 days or so left. Thanks to a friend at work I just more than doubled by brewing capacity. I will do 15 gallons now instead of 5. Also, I have been spending every Friday with the folks at Tall Tales Brewing. The will be opening up soon just outside of town. They are currently brewing on the Brew Magic system. Getting to use this amazing machine has been a great experience. I look forward to brewing my first batch on it. The hops have taken off in the last week. They have grown more than 2 feet in the last 4 or 5 days. It's getting hard to keep them under control. But it’s a fight I don't mind waging. I will be updating a little more often as the Pilsner nears completion. As always Im looking for suggestions on what to brew next. I can get up to 4 batches going at a time now. Hope everyone is well. CHEERS!

Yeast Feast

Well as you can see in the pictures above, the yeast are starting to do their thing. The airlock was bubbling this morning when I checked it around 8. There was no sign or activity on the top of the wort as there is now. Hopefully there will not be a blow off. Only 43 more days to go!!! Cheers...

Pilsner Pain

 The early wort. Isn't it cute?
 Check out the foam insulation on the lid. Ha, great stuff though.
 Heads up. The water coming out of the chiller is about 200 degrees at first. Yeah, it hurts.
 All Hail Ale Pail..
 My work is done. Now it's their turn.
So there really wasnt much pain from the brewing itself. Its the fact that I just wrote this all but some how it didnt post and it was gone. User error for sure. Anyways, started my first All grain batch ever at 10am this morning and finished a little after 6 this evening. Little to no trouble. A boil over perhaps, but nothing lost. Its now sitting in the fridge at a cool but comfortable 54 degrees. Im going to drop the temp every day or so until it gets to around 39. The whole thing will take 45 days. It was a lot fun and I even nailed my original gravity reading. Im not getting cocky though. I put in some pics to show the good times. I will get more up on the event later.


Today we celebrate the Cullen-Harrison Act of 1933. 78 years ago today the 33rd President of the United States famously remarked over dinner "I think this would be a good time for a beer." That very night he would go on to write a letter to Congress asking them to draft a bill allowing the sale of beer. What came out of it was an amendment to the Volstead Act known as the Cullen-Harrison Act.

The Cullen-Harrison Act, named for its sponsors, Senator  Pat Harrison and Representative Thomas H Cullen, enacted by the United States Congress March 21, 1933 and signed by the President the following day, legalized the sale in the United States of beer with an alcohol content of 3.2% (by weight) and wine of similarly low alcohol content, thought to be too low to be intoxicating, effective April 7, 1933. On this day the first legal beer in over 13 years was opened in this country.


Baby delay

The Pilsner is going to have to wait till next weekend. I have everything ready to go but due to conflicting nap schedules I did not have the 8 hours or so neccesary to complete this brew. I am including some of the pictures. Some are of the equipment I have been altering in preperation for the all-grain batch. Others are of my hops which have gone crazy in the last few days. I WILL be doing this brew next weekend. Stay tuned.


My new external thermostat hooked up to the spare fridge

Bucket bottom going into the mash tun to separate the grains from the bottom of the tun. 

Placed in the bottom of the tun. Can't wait till next weekend.

Pilsner coming this Sunday

I will be brewing my first true All-Grain batch tomorrow. For this important occasion I have chosen to go with my first Pilsner. A nice bottom fermenting yeast. I will be posting pictures and updates on how it goes. Downloaded Pro-Mash as well and bought an external thermostat for the spare fridge. Now I can keep the temp anywhere from 20 to 80 degrees. The possibilities are running wild in my head.