It's been 2 weeks..

As I sit here sipping on my Raspberry Hefeweizen listening to Ween tell me about Bananas and Blow (thank you Mr. Brown), I can't help but be somewhat impressed. This beer has come along nicely. Great carbonation and head retention. It's lacking a bit of body but that will come along in the next couple of weeks. The Raspberry is there but it doesn’t take front stage, which is what I wanted. Just a slight note, not the dominant flavor. The wheat is what comes through the most, and that's how it should be. When I started this journey some 3 years ago, I would have killed to make a beer this good. It's nice to be able to taste your progress, and pick up a nice little buzz in the process. Taking orders now, full menu will be up soon. Hope you are all having a wonderful Monday night. CHEERS!

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